The method

The method

The Ballet Workout is a unique method built on the basic elements of classical ballet. The program was specially developed so that no dance or
fitness experience is required. From young to old(er), everyone can work out with it. You decide for yourself how far you want to go and which exercises are right for you. We focus on muscle strengthening, flexibility, endurance, and so on. Do you want to reach a specific goal? You can! Through the combination of the artistic and our physical effort, we work on both body and mind. Whether the method is workable for everyone, I hear you thinking out loud? Absolutely! Thanks to the Ballet Workout, everyone, regardless of age, weight or experience, can enjoy ballet.

I believe that everyone is capable of transforming their body. Meanwhile, I have experienced at first hand how the body and consequently the lives of many women and girls have changed. And I know that this is also possible for you. In this app, I want to teach you how you can get your body fit& flexible and feel graceful at any age. You will learn to move differently your posture will change and your body will become tighter. And if you practice the right way every day, you can even master the split in just two weeks!

I developed the Ballet Workout method myself. My ballet classes differ from all other classes and ballet schools by the sequence, the approach, the different exercises, the way of warming up and the build-up of the class. The exercises follow each other smoothly and step by step, so your body can warm up safely. The emphasis is on the benefits of ballet, which we can use in everyday life. My biggest goal in developing this method was to have everyone enjoy ballet. I want everyone to be able to experience for themselves how fun, healthy and good it feels to be a ballerina. And how it contributes to your discipline, perseverance, self-confidence and cultural development. With that idea in mind, I started looking for different ways to teach the complicated and often technical ballet exercises in an easy and clear way to children, adults and seniors. Ways to teach ballet at a mature age, without forcing the body. Ballet is really not just for the lucky few but for everyone who admires this amazing art and wants to be part of it.
The basis of my Ballet Workout is the Russian Vaganova method, but then tailored to tailored for beginners. This method is actually meant for professional dancers and requires years of daily training for may years. That’s why I’ve converted the classical class into exercises that are accessible to everyone, with a big focus on health and the concrete benefits that ballet can offer you. My Ballet Workout method has proven itself with the many women who come to my classes. They participate in performances and dance classical pieces. They lose weight and can do the split, regardless of their age. In most cases, they even started there without any dance, ballet or fitness experience. Now my method is available in every country with the Ballet Workout App.

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