About Tatevik Mkrtoumian

About Tatevik Mkrtoumian

I’m Tatevik Mkrtoumian, a professional ballerina and the founder of the Ballet Workout Belgium school (over 3000 members in Belgium), app and book.

I inherited my passion for ballet from my parents who both are ballet dancers. I started ballet when I was 5 years old taking classes in the ballet school of my mother (prof. dancer and choreographer) in Russia. After I moved to Belgium, I continued to dance ballet and graduated from the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp in 2010.

After my graduation, I received a contract in Theatre Vanemuine, the biggest theatre in Estonia. There I got the necessary experience in very various roles and styles, with show tours around Europe. I had the opportunity to dance many solos in classical and neoclassical ballets as well as in operas, musicals, modern dance, contemporary dance, jazz ballet and flamenco pieces.

I have always enjoyed the many different ballet shows, no matter how physically exhausting they could be. During my shows, I always tried to take the audience with me in the music and the passion I felt, this way I wanted to transfer the pleasure and satisfaction of dancing to them with every performance.

Ballet Workout Belgium

After some time I started looking for more ways to express my passion for ballet with a broader audience.

After I returned to Belgium I came to the idea to start with the Ballet Workout. The Ballet Workout combines the physical part of the classical ballet exercises with the pleasure of dance. I soon noticed that the method I learned during my professional education was unfit for adult beginners ballet. It takes years of daily practice for hours. I started to look for ways to teach ballet faster, more effective and more simple. It had to be taught easily and suitable for adults. This way I made my own method of teaching ballet that now is the Ballet Workout. This method is completely unique and has been effective in teaching many of my students.

With the Ballet Workout you can get a better posture, a healthy&flexible body and learn the basic technique of ballet without prior experience and at an adult age.

With the Ballet Workout I hope to reach many women and men, to share the pleasure and satisfaction of this fantastic art that ballet is.

In a world where we get such an overflow of negative news, stress and problems, self-love and happiness within us are extremely important. With the help of ballet, you can become happier and radiate happiness to others. A city or country full of radiant people makes our world a more beautiful and happier place.

Dance performances:

Fairy queen, Carmen, La Dolce Vita, Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Raymonda, Thriller, Kreutzwald Meets Dance, New Years Jazz, Nutcracker, Beauty and the Beast, Giselle, Nuud, Casanova, Mary Poppins, Edit Piaf, Abba, Petrushka, The Sleeping Beauty, Mowgli, Kevade, Orpheus, Losbus Lesk, In Memoriam, La Bayadère, Le Corsaire , Incontro , Il Ballo, la givotentu, l’amore , Vision of Energy, Who Cares!, Don Quichotte , Giselle, Bolero, Esmeralda, Swanlake, Oneigin, The Four Seasons, Travel around the world, Esmeralda, Swan Lake.


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