For a dancer, the body is everything. Every exercise, step, stretch position and pose is measured and well thought out, so you can look the most beautiful and elegant look. But what about the way you think and feel? What you think is not merely emotional or intellectual, but also translates on a physical level. A good mindset is, after all, the crucial puzzle piece for connecting your body and mind, and to ensure that the two form a harmonious whole.

In other words, a negative self-image is anything but efficient in practising ballet. When you don’t enjoy your dance and don’t like to look at yourself, others also don’t like to look at you either. That’s just the harsh reality. Everything starts with the love for yourself and accepting your body, weight and shapes.

Believing in yourself, daring to stand up and knowing that you can achieve anything is, however, not always easy. In the classes on this app, I pay a lot of attention to this. We, adults, are full of complexes, many of us – not only women feel insecure. However, it is that insecurity that limits your growth, because you live with the baggage of that negative self-image. If you could throw that heavy backpack off your shoulders then you would really feel much lighter which would give you new possibilities and opportunities.

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