Make Up for Ballet Class

Make Up for Ballet Class

Ballet class makeup is a bit different from your everyday makeup as here you have to consider the general ballet class etiquette and the fact that you will sweat. Follow these tips to look like a pro ballerina in class:

Foundation: Don’t apply too heavy foundation for your Ballet Workout. I would recommend to use a BB cream or a light weight foundation to make sure your pores won’t get clogged when sweating. This will keep your skin acne free. Bare skin is great for class.

Eyes: Heavy eyeliners and eyeshadows are not recommended as it’s too dramatic and looks unnatural in ballet class. Instead use a waterproof mascara and if you really want to use an eyeliner, draw a thin line with a waterproof eyeliner. Keep the eyes natural for ballet class, less is more here.

Lips: I personally love to wear lipstick for ballet class. You can even use bright red lipstick to stand out in class. The best lipstick for a ballet class is matte, it definitely won’t smudge. Makeup is not obligated for class but as you want to see the most beautiful version of yourself in the mirror makeup will definitely give you that extra confidence boost. Looking forward to see you in class! x Tatevik Mkrtoumian

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