Top 7 benefits of Ballet Workout

Top 7 benefits of Ballet Workout

Aside from the grace, elegance and beauty of this dance form, ballet is really a total body workout, as well as a mental cleanse all in one.

Here are the Top 7 benefits of Ballet Workout:

  1. Long and Lean Muscles.

It tones and sculpts your body. Ballet classes at the Ballet Workout are designed to make your muscles long and lean instead of ‘pumping’ them up and getting the muscles thick.

  1. Better Posture.

Because the exercises require a good posture and control about the way you stand, your awareness of the way you stand in everyday life will be higher and show it will show in your daily activities.

  1. Confidence.

Ballet helps you to improve your confidence and become more graceful. You will repeatedly do series of exercices and become better at them. A feeling of accomplishment and progress in your work will make you feel great about your body as you will have more control over it.

  1. Flatter Tummy.

In Class we do a lot of exercises, movements and stretches sideways. These movements  strengthen your ab muscles and make your abdomen flat.

  1. Flexibility.

Taking Ballet Workout Classes makes your body a lot more flexible. You will use new muscles and feel your flexibility improving visibly after just a month of work.

  1. Mental and Emotional Health.

Your body isn’t the only part of you that benefits from ballet. Because every ballet movement requires imagination and interpretation you will become totally absorbed into your movement and this art. It becomes a lifestyle and when dancing in the studio, you will forget about all your everyday worries. It’s a creative process of transforming yourself into a swan or feeling your body grow and elongate. This creative en self expressing process can be can be highly-therapeutic, promoting mental and emotional health.

  1. Dissolve Stress.

Ballet can melt your daily stresses away. The exercises in ballet class will require you to shift your focus to the movement of your hands, placement of your legs and feet, as well as the coordination of your body with music. At times you will feel completely removed from the world.

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