How to wash my dance wear?

How to wash my dance wear?

A lot of girls in class have asked me about how to care for your dance wear. So here is a blog post where I explain you how it’s done in the professional ballet world.

The best way to treat your dance wear is to treat it the same way as you would do with fragile lingerie.

Leotards: leotards should be washed after each Ballet Workout class. The best way is to wash them immediately after you arrive home after class. Just quickly rinse them with water and add a bit of washing gel on the places you sweat the most. It takes 5 minutes. Quickly rinse and hang it on a chair to dry. Don’t put it on a very warm heather or in the dryer as this may melt the elastics inside the leotard.

Tights: Pink tights can look easily dirty. For best results I would recommend to soak them in lukewarm water for the night and wash them by hand in the sink with washing gel.

Shoes: ballet shoes can get dirty (and smelly) from time to time. This is normal because you are dancing and sweating in it.

The best way to wash your balletshoes is to let them soak in a bucket of luke warm water for an hour and then just wash it in your sink with a bit of hand soap or washing gel. Tip: use an old toothbrush to get the dirty outsides sides extra clean. Let them dry on a towel under (not on top) of the heather. Ballet shoes can get holes and it’s normal that you will replace them with new ones every few months.

Warm ups: The warm ups can be washed in the washing machine on 30° in wool function. Don’t let them tumble dry as this may shrink their size! Let them dry on a chair close to the heather.

Keep your dancewear fresh and clean for good hygiene in class. It’s a more fun dancing in clean washed clothes.

I hope this helps and I’m looking forward to see you in the Ballet Workout class!

Best, Tatevik Mkrtoumian

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