Change your posture and change your life!

Change your posture and change your life!

Change your posture and Change your life

I wanted to talk about this subject for a long time

A good posture is not only just beautiful, it has so many benefits. It is often forgotten that one of the most important things in life is a good posture.

Health: Your spine has many nerves and it’s crucial for your health to keep it straight. Your spine has to be aligned when sitting on a chair, driving a car, riding a bike. A few health problems you can get from a bad posture: shoulder and back pains, headaches, reduced lung function, spinal curvature, nerve constriction… In time, poor posture can also cause a misalignment in the spine and lead to even more pain.

Other sports: I see so many people running in the morning with their shoulders front and completely relaxed stomach. I guess they are loosing weight and burning calories but it must be very heavy for the knees and ankles and very soon they will probably end up with injuries no matter what shoes they wear. Keeping your body pulled up, shoulders down, opening your chest is going to help your ankles and knees not having to carry your whole body’s weight and keep them healthy.

Body Language: 55% of how we are perceived by other people is by our body language. 38% is determined by the tonality of your voice and just 7% the actual words. It’s so important to know how to stand right. In other words, body language and good posture are very important when it comes to non-verbal communication with others. For example, someone that is shy and has his or her shoulders front and head a bit down, might come across as aggressive (hiding something). This happens usually subconscious and you aren’t aware of it. Through positive body languages, you open yourself to other people and will come across as welcoming and positive. This can help you in your career and personal life. It takes so small adjustment.

Feeling Good: Remember the time that you were very happy and got what you wanted exactly the way you wanted. How were you standing? Most likely you had your shoulders back, chest open and chin a bit up. This is what your body does when you feel good. One of the best and fastest ways to feel good immediately is by changing your posture. It’s simply impossible to stand straight and feel bad. I always use this trick before shows when I have to dance something very energetic and positive but feel it. Just standing right and trying to smile will make your emotions follow you body in just a few min. I got this tip from my mother (she is also a dancer and choreographer), it works every time!

So I hope this will inspire you to keep your back straight and your chin up.

Sincerely yours,

Tatevik Mkrtoumian

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