Stretching Class

Stretching Class for Adults

A flexible body is a young body. Stretching is very important for the health of your body and prevents many injuries. Becoming flexible is possible at all ages, muscles can be stretched at any age. This class will release all the stress out of your body, make your legs and hips more flexible and balance out the tensions in your body. You will feel relaxed and good in your skin after class.  The Stretching Class by Tatevik Mkrtoumian is a great exercise to get your body young, healthy, flexible and free of injury. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long day and give your body the care it deserves.


What will you learn in our Stretching Class?

You will learn how to stretch in a correct and healthy way in a group of enthusiastic and friendly women. You will learn to control your body and have a better understanding and feeling of your muscles. Each class you will make progress and continue to stretch your limits. A grand ecart and split are absolutely possible at every age and we have many examples of beginners in class who mastered these in a short period of time. The more often you come, the faster you will see the results. We recommend to come to class 3 times a week for the best results, but even with 1 time you will feel the difference. Combine the Stretching Classes with the Ballet Workout classes in order to get a good posture, fit and flexible body.


Who is welcome?

Everyone from 13 till 70 years is welcome. Men are welcome too. Feel free to take your friend, son, mum, dad or friend with you. Experience is not necessary. Everyone who wants to become more flexible is welcome.


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What do I wear during the stretching class?

You should feel comfortable, be able to move and see you body. For the first trial class, it is good enough to wear yoga pants or leggings and a top. On your feet,  you can simply wear socks. When you decide to continue taking classes you can get a ballet leotard and ballet shoes at the spot for an affordable price. Make sure to bring a bottle of water to drink during the class.

Price: €17 payment can be done cash before class.

Take a look at our Instagram account with the results from our Stretching Class by Tatevik Mkrtoumian.


Price for 1 hour workout

Loose Class - Drop In
€17 per class
Adults 10 Classes Card
Adults Half Year Subscription
€520 sept-dec (4 months)
Adults Yearly Subscription
€1100 (for 11 months) = €100 per maand

There is no experience or flexibility required for the Ballet Workout classes. You don’t have to have a perfect body or be flexible. We will work on your flexibility, coordination musicality and learn to dance in class. We have a non judgmental, complex free atmosphere in class where we work positively on our bodies and enjoy the feeling of dance and ballet.