I have never done ballet before and I'm not in shape. Can I still join the class?

Yes! To join the class you don’t need any experience. You also don’t need any talents, flexibility, perfect body shape or coordination skills. All you need is just the wish to learn and a positive attitude. Even if your weight is about average, you can still join the class. All the participants are there to learn. We exercise in a non judgmental environment, all motivating and empowering each other. You are here to learn. No experience or skills are necessary.

I have done ballet before. What group should I join?

If you have ballet experience but haven’t been exercising for some time, I recommend joining the Beginners Classes. It’s a good way to refresh your basics and place your body again. After class, approach the teacher and ask if you can join the advanced classes. The teacher will advice you the best suitable group for your level.

My daughter is very shy but is dreaming to dance ballet. Can I look while she dances?

Parents usually don’t watch our children classes because it the disturbs children from paying attention to the teacher. If your child is very shy or doen’t want the mommy to leave, we allow to see one class. Out of experience we know that the children integrate better and concentrate better when the parents are not present in the studio. The teacher will helpt them to integrate in the group and join the other children.

I missed some classes. Can I still catch up?

Yes, you can still join again if you happened to miss a few weeks due to work or travel. Don’t hesitate to catch up. Join the beginners class and continue to exercise.

Is it really possible to learn ballet at an adult age?

Yes. Just like any skill, ballet is learnable. If you want to become a professional dancer, you should start at the age of 5. But if you want to dance for your health and pleasure it’s absolutely possible to learn in a safe and correct way. Our teachers are professional ballet dancers who will teach you ballet in a safe and correct way.