Below are the prices for Ballet Workout training. Our prices are always affordable and lower than most fitness or yoga centers. You are not obligated to buy yearly subscriptions and are free to choose the days and how often you would like to attend the classes. Every class is 1 hour long. Classes are taught only by professional teachers with professional careers, years of experience and diplomas in choreography and ballet pedagogy of Russian ballet technique.



Loose Class - Drop In
Adults 10 Classes Card (valid until july 2021)
Adults 1 month subsciption (valid 30 days)
Adults Half Year Subscription (sep-dec)
€520 (130 per month)
Adults Half Year Subscription (jan-july)
€ 910 (130 per month)
Adults Yearly Subscription (sep-july)
€1100 (100per month)
Children Yearly Subscription (sep-june) 1 class a week
€400 abonnement + 74 uniform + 10 insurance
Children Yearly Subscription (sep-june) 2 classes a week (recommended)
€500 abonnement + 74 uniform + 10 insurance
Teenagers (september-june) 13-18 years all classes with adults
Private Class of 1 hour


Bring your friends and get up to 8 FREE CLASSES!

Many of our loyal members recommend our classes to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. We would like to reward these loyal and enthusiastic members with free lessons.

How does it work?

The more new members you bring in, the more free lessons you get.

1 member * you get 2 free lessons

2 members * you get 5 free lessons

3 members * get 8 free lessons

* Referred member must purchase a 10 lesson card or one of the subscriptions so that you get the free lessons. For people with a half-yearly and annual subscription, the extra lessons are given during the winter and / or summer workshops. The appointed members must never have been to Ballet Workout (a few trial lessons are allowed). The free lessons are group lessons according to the schedule in the Ballet Workout App.