Children Ballet

In our ballet school children from 3 to 12 years old can attend.

For the children there are 3 groups that can each take ballet classes twice a week. You can choose between 1 or 2 lessons per week. We recommend coming 2 times a week.


3-6years: Wednesday 14:00, Saturday 11:00.

6-9 years: Wednesday 15:00, Saturday 12:00

9-12years: Wednesday 16:00, Saturday 16:00


Trial lesson is possible in our school! It costs €15.


What is included in the price?

1 lesson per week subscription Sep-June €400 (corresponds to about €10 per lesson) + €79 uniform + €10 insurance
2 lessons per week subscription sep-june €500 (corresponds to about only €6 per lesson) + €79 uniform + €10 insurance


If you choose 1 day a week you must always come on the same day. So only Wednesday or only Saturday throughout the year.


Our show for next year has been moved to December 12 at the Bourla Theatre. Here we will have to see how many available seats there are if we have to apply the rules of social distancing.

Until September 1, 2021, the annual subscription can be paid by bank transfer to the account to Ballet Workout vzw with number IBAN BE56 0689 3205 0088, mentioning the name of your child and age.


What is included in the annual subscription.

-Lessons from Sep-June

-Photos taken by professional photographers in the lessons.

-Participation in the performance at the Bourla Theatre in Antwerp.

-Costumes for the performance

-All extra rehearsals before the performance.

Sign up now: Fill in the registration form on our website.


Our ballet classes have numerous benefits for children and are important for their cultural development. In Ballet Workout ballet classes for children, they are taught choreography in addition to the basics of ballet, and they can really dance to classical music and use their imagination. They develop their creativity and also physically train their bodies which leads to better health. In addition, through ballet they also learn discipline, perseverance and good posture.


Teachers: All ballet classes are taught by professional ballet dancers with great experience in teaching children. Olga Mkrtoumian is our choreographer and teacher for children. Her students have won numerous awards at the most prestigious dance competitions in Russia. She makes sure that the children fall in love with this art and achieve beautiful results while enjoying the dance. Because every child is different we have a customized, individual approach for each child.


Supplies: For the first class, your child can come in stretch pants, top and socks. The teacher will take a look at your child and if everything goes well you may purchase the uniform next class. If you decide to enroll, a uniform is required. You can try on the uniform and purchase it before the class for €79 total (shoes, tights, suit, skirt). Please make sure your child has plenty of water with them at all times.


Why choose ballet classes for children at Ballet Workout? Ballet Workout was founded by professional ballet dancers with both foreign and domestic experience, professional knowledge in ballet and teacher certifications. We know the importance of proper training and pay attention to the safe execution of the ballet steps and the health of the children. With us, the children feel at home. Our school provides a familiar family feeling where the children can be creative, improvise and dance with their hearts and souls. The lessons are in the form of play which makes it easier for them to pick up the material and enjoy doing the exercises. Each class we set goals for the children to achieve so they experience the satisfaction of their work and results. This is very important for their future regardless of the profession they choose and gives them confidence. They learn to dance and work together in a group. The children at Ballet Workout enjoy coming to class every time.

Balletschool in Antwerpen - Ballet for kids

Balletschool in Antwerpen - Ballet for kids

Balletschool in Antwerpen - Ballet for kids

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