Boyfriend Ballet

Take your partner, boyfriend, husband or date to a fun Boyfriend Ballet Event! No prior experience is necesarry for eigther of the partners.


What does the class exist of?

It’s a workout with different exercises and a romantic choreography for you together.

All of the exercises are under jazz and classical music accompaniment that will give you an extra motivation. It’s fun but also a great way to workout together. Dancing together is a great way to bond with each other and develops trust.


Who is wecome?

This class is suitable for all couples from 16 till 70 years old. Flexibility or prior experience is not necessary. Everyone who want’s to get fit, flexible and a better posture is welcome.


Price:€24 for two partners together. Please pay cash before class.

What do I wear during the class?

You should feel comfortable, be able to move and see you body. For the first trial class it is good enough to wear stretch pants or leggings and a top/ tshirt. On your feet you can simply wear socks (no bear feet). Your male partner doesn’t need to wear tight pants, don’t worry. Make sure to bring a bottle of water to drink during the class.

 Frequently asked question:

Q: We have never done ballet and are not fit or flexible. Can we do this class?

A: Yes. No experience is necessary for this class. You will be able to do all te exercises even if you have never done ballet or dance.


Q: Do the others in class have experience?

A: No, most of them are also beginners ballet.


Q: Is this manly enough for my boyfriend?

A: Your boyfriend will be surpriced how much power and energy it takes to do ballet exercises. He will learn the right body posture that is important for both men and women.

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Price for 1 hour workout

Boyfriend Ballet
€24 per couple (per class)

There is no experience or flexibility required for the Ballet Workout classes. You don’t have to have a perfect body or be flexible. We will work on your flexibility, coordination musicality and learn to dance in class. We have a non judgmental, complex free atmosphere in class where we work positively on our bodies and enjoy the feeling of dance and ballet.