Beginner Adult

Who is welcome?

These classes are suitable for all women and men starting from 16 years till 70 years. No experience in dance or fitness is needed. We dance in a fun and complex free atmosphere. You will learn ballet and make new friends with likeminded women in our community. 

What do I wear during the class?

You should feel comfortable, be able to move and see you body. For the first trial class it is good enough to wear stretch pants or leggings and a top. On your feet you can simply wear socks (no bare feet please). After the trial class we recommend you to get a ballet leotard, ballet shoes and tights at the spot for an affordable price. The dancewear will ensure you can move comfortably and see your body position better. Make sure to bring a bottle of water to drink during the class.

Becoming Advanced:

Our Advanced Classes for Adults are for everyone with experience in ballet. It’s very important to learn the basics of ballet correctly in order to continue to new steps and exercises. The beginners class is still a Full Body Ballet Workout. If you feel that you have mastered the Beginners Ballet Workout Classes, simply ask your teacher after class if you can attend to the Advanced level. The teacher will advice you the best suitable class for you.

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Price for 1 hour workout

Loose Class - Drop In
€14 per lesson
Adults 10 Classes Card
€120 (valid until juli 2019)
Adults Half Year Subscription
€350 sept-dec (4months) / 460 jan-juli (7 months)
Adults Yearly Subscription
€770 (voor 11 maanden) = €72per maand

There is no experience or flexibility required for the Ballet Workout classes. You don’t have to have a perfect body or be flexible. We will work on your flexibility, coordination musicality and learn to dance in class. We have a non judgmental, complex free atmosphere in class where we work positively on our bodies and enjoy the feeling of dance and ballet.