Adult Ballet Classes

Join our Ballet Classes for Adults!

Our adult classes are devided by 3 levels: Beginners, Pre Advanced en Advanced. Everyone from 16 till 70 years old is welcome.


Beginners: Is this the frist time you try ballet? This class will be suitable for you to start at an adult age without experience in dance or fitness. We will learn the basics here step by step and do different exercises for posture, flexibility, coordination and learn the basics by our special program for adult beginners ballet. We put a lot of attention to the correct performance of every step and joy of dance. Join us today and discover the ballerina without you!


Pre Advanced: Do you have a few years of experience in ballet? The this class will be suitable for you. If you are member of the Ballet Workout for the 2nd year, this class is also the next step for you.


Advanced: Minimum 5 years if ballet experience. Have you dance a lot as a teenager? Then this class is suitable for you. This this class we will do ballet at higher level.


In all our classes we have a non pressure and fun atmosphere. You will also make lot of new friends through our Ballet Workout Community group op Facebook.


Are you not sure what level suits you best? Feel free to ask your teacher after class. She will help you choose the best suitable class for you.


What do I wear during the class?

You should feel comfortable, be able to move and see you body. For the first trial class it is good enough to wear stretch pants or leggings and a top. On your feet you can simply wear socks (no bear feet). After the trial class we recommend you to get a ballet leotard, ballet shoes and tights at the spot for an affordable price. The dancewear will ensure you can move comfortably and see your body position better. Make sure to bring a bottle of water to drink during the class.

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Price for 1 hour workout

Loose Class - Drop In
10 Classes Card
Half Year Subscription
€520 sept-dec (4 months)
Yeary Subscription (unlimited)
€1100 ( 11 months ) = 100 per month