Welcome to the Ballet Workout APP! This app is made so that you can exercise and stretch anytime and anywhere. Set a goal for yourself and never miss a training with the notification function. Here you will also find tips and recipes.

About Tatevik:

I’m a professional ballerina with Armenian roots and studied ballet in Russia and Belgium. In my professional dance career I have danced many solo’s and many different ballets in a Theatre in Estonia and toured around Europe. I own a ballet studio in Antwerp, Belgium and got many requests to teach at different cities. This is how the idea of the Ballet Workout app was born. Ballet is often very unaccessible, elite and unfortunately there are not many schools where you can join as an adult without experience. I always wanted the audience to feel the joy of ballet and decided to share this beautiful art with by making you experience it yourself. No matter your age, weight or talent, you can exercise and experience the mental and physical benefits of this fantastic art. The program I have developed is specially made for Adult Beginners Ballet that you can only follow at my studio or within all privacy of your home with this app. Because dancing ballet yourself is even more fun than watching it! I hope this app will make you feel like a real ballerina. Enjoy 🙂


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